Bowen Therapy - a gentle, yet powerful, dynamic system of muscle and
connective tissue bodywork which stimulates the body's natural healing response

Are you desperate to find a natural therapy that can relieve your pain and discomfort?

If you have been to the GP, had various tests, tried different therapies, and are still in pain, you probably know the desperation of not being able to find something that can provide long-lasting relief. Perhaps you have even come to the conclusion that you are just going to have to learn to live with the pain. Wouldn't it be such a relief to find a therapy that worked for you, something that was natural and allowed you to remain pain-free for lengthening periods of time?

Are you skeptical of trying yet another therapy?

After having numerous appointments and treatments that provided temporary relief at best, the possibility of another therapy providing long-term help may seem rather remote. Is it possible that one therapy can provide relief when others haven't made much progress?

Introducing Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a gentle and safe form of bodywork that very often brings about remarkable results and provides long-lasting relief for conditions and ailments that the medical profession and other therapies haven't had success with. Due to its phenomenal success and popularity as a healing therapy, Bowen has spread rapidly worldwide since it became available in the late 1980's. Those that have had Bowen are soon raving about it to all of their friends and family.

"I didn't know anything about Bowen. When I first heard about it, I wasn't getting anywhere with the treatment I was having. I'd had chiropractic, acupuncture, osteopathy and massage. They helped, but the pain always came back within a little space of time, and I was never pain free. I thought to myself "I'm desperate and I'll give Bowen a go" and I am so glad I did.

Right from the first session I have felt better. Bowen has changed my whole life, because it has given me back my body. It has taken away the fear I've had with my back and with moving my body. I'm so much more fluid. I go to sleep and I stay asleep. I don't wake up with back pain like I did every night of my life. I walk so much more easily and I feel so much lighter and I've lost that terrible fear that I had. It has really changed my whole life. It's fantastic and I tell everybody."

Marilyn Broadbridge, Cremorne

"Bowen Therapy was recommended to me but I was skeptical of trying it because I’d never heard of it, and all of the other therapies I tried had failed."

"I had a back injury as a result of a major vehicle accident. I went to the doctor and had a CAT scan, x-ray and MRI. I also had chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, Reiki, hot stone therapy and remedial sports massage over a period of a year-and-a-half. After all these different therapies I was still in chronic pain, which affected my whole body, my mood and everything."

"I wouldn’t even say that I got short-term relief from the other therapies, at least not more than a couple of days, so I was skeptical and naturally thought, “why would Bowen work?” I had come to the conclusion that I was just going to have deal with this for the rest of my life."

"After the first Bowen session I had instantaneous relief from my back pain. After the second or third session I went on holidays for about two weeks. Normally when I go on holiday and get out of my routine my back becomes a lot worse (I do a combination of things to manage my back - aqua aerobics, yoga, orthotics and sleeping on a supported mattress). When I got back I was surprised that I'd had no issues while I was away – I had been completely out of my routine. I thought 'this Bowen actually works.'"

"My back can be good now for months. I'm secure in the knowledge that Bowen will fix me, even when I have to do things that I know will aggravate it."

Nikki Davies, Eastwood

Bowen works holistically and harmoniously with the body, bringing about a deep state of relaxation, which has a powerful healing effect. The vast majority of clients leave with reduced pain, increased mobility and a greater sense of well-being.

"After an unimpressive experience involving conventional medical practitioners and numerous tests we tried the Bowen Technique. From the start we were impressed by the relaxing technique. Coupled with Joshua's experience, knowledge and calm demeanour it made for an immediately effective programme for both of us. We cannot recommend the technique and Joshua himself highly enough."

R. & A. Gower, Cherrybrook

What can Bowen Therapy help?

With Bowen Therapy, Joshua has helped many people with the following:

This is only a short list of the ailments that Bowen can be highly beneficial for. Because of Bowen's truly holistic nature it can help a wide range of ailments and conditions.

"You will think that Bowen is a new-age therapy and that it hasn't got a hope in working"

"I first encountered Bowen Therapy about twenty years ago. I had an absolutely unbearable back after camping with the children. When I returned home I was bent over at 90 degrees. I think I had a weak back due to childbirth, having had two children. Not long before the camping trip, I had terrible backache and I just had to lie in bed for three weeks.

A friend came to visit me and she said “my sister could fix that, she’s a Bowen Therapist. You will think that it’s a new age therapy and that it hasn’t got a hope in working, but it does work, because it has worked for me.”

I was in such agony that I tried it. After the first session I could stand up straight and after a few more sessions I was fine. After all of these years I don’t have any problems with my back.

What I like most about Bowen is the fact that it works. I’ve had success with the problems I’ve been there for, in a very gentle way that felt safe.

Judith, Willoughby

Bowen Therapy is absolutely safe

Have you ever felt that your body was at risk of further harm from a chiropractic manipulation, a physiotherapist’s exercise, a remedial massage or a prescribed drug? That is never a problem with Bowen. Its 'moves' over muscles and tendons are very gentle and very effective in stimulating the body’s natural, self-healing response. No forceful moves are required or used.

"Bowen is very gentle on the body. Gentle and non-intrusive, it makes me feel good." M.B., Cremorne

"Bowen is a non-invasive treatment that allows your body to realign itself without any potentially harmful movements." N.D., Sydney

With the body doing all of the re-adjusting, aligning, balancing and relaxing itself, a Bowen practitioner is merely a facilitator, working with the body’s own natural, self-healing capacity. Working with the body, not forcing it in any way, makes Bowen incredibly safe and incredibly powerful.

How many sessions do I need?

For new ailments and injuries usually only two or three sessions are required. Chronic ailments require about six sessions. Usually you can expect relief after the first session, sometimes it takes two.

"The good thing about Bowen is that it is not like other therapies where you feel like you have to go back every single week and pay out exorbitant amounts of money just to keep your body at a certain level. Bowen tends to work for a prolonged period of time so you don't have to keep going back for constant treatment sessions." N.D., Sydney

"I really like that I don't feel pushed into having more sessions than I need." Judith, Willoughby

At around the same price as a one-hour massage, and with most health funds offering rebates, Bowen Therapy is very affordable.

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"It just makes sense."
by Mike Hayden

"Recently, I had a neck problem and I started with a sports physiotherapist because I thought I had a gym injury.  Physiotherapy did absolutely no good – I got no relief at all.  And so, because Bowen had been successful for my back in the past and because my husband has had success with Bowen for his neck with Joshua, I thought I would try Bowen again. 

I gained immediate flexibility after my first session and 48 hours later my neck was better.  Why hadn’t I tried Bowen first?"

Judith, Willoughby

"Above all, what comes through are Joshua Rasco's caring attitude and intuitive understanding of what treatment my body needs. This results in an outcome that is not only releasing and relaxing but feels to me that long-term good has been attained."

M.N., St. Ives

A Bowen Therapy Move

A Bowen Therapy 'move'