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Wholebeing Bowen News
June - August 2010 - Issue 2
Greetings to you all and welcome to the second issue of Wholebeing Bowen News! In this issue you will discover the potential benefits of Bowen for:
lower back pain
childhood asthma
high blood pressure
prostate and breast cancer
A generous discount has been included for the month of June (read below) - so telephone 9037 9433 to make an appointment for June as I will be away on vacation 3 - 22 July.

     I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Be well

Joshua Rasco
Bowen Technique Practitioner

"The art of medicine is the art of keeping the patient amused while nature heals them." Voltaire
Bowen Therapy Clinic Sydney
Wholebeing Bowen Therapy
Visit us at these locations:
Monday - Friday: 10 Milford Place, Turramurra
                           (off the Comenarra Parkway)
Saturdays: Crows Nest Complementary Health Centre
                            3 Bruce St (cnr Pacific Hwy), Crows Nest
Rebates available from most Private Health Funds
Tel: 9037 9433
Email: bowen@wholebeing.com.au
Web: www.wholebeing.com.au
Endearing Moments*
"Thank you" - said beautifully and sincerely to me by a woman with Multiple Sclerosis - Bowen helped her recover both physically and emotionally after a recent debilitating 'flare-up'.
Meditation Shortcut
A comment at the end of a session: "I feel like I am in a very deep meditation every time I have Bowen. It is so easy, I don't have to put in any effort."
Bowen Doesn't Get All of the Credit!
Dialogue with a client: "You are looking very well and bright - it must be the Bowen." She replied, "I have also gone to a nutritionist and have started taking some vitamins. I'm not allowing you to have all the credit!"
* Permission received from each client prior to inclusion in "Endearing Moments"

Tom Bowen - Originator of the Bowen Technique
A rare colour photo of Tom Bowen - his genius and insights into the body led him to develop the Bowen Technique.

Bowen Success with Lower Back Pain - A Case Study
Bowen Therapy is known for its success with relieving lower back pain.  I have helped many people with lower back pain return to pain-free, healthy lives.

Treating Children with Asthma & Respiratory Problems
Bowen practitioners worldwide have reported amazing results in working with children with asthma using basic Bowen procedures. Allistair Rattray originator of the Child Asthma Project, a UK based study into the effects of the Bowen Technique on childhood asthma, illustrates the success of Bowen through the stories of several children involved in the study.
Bowen Therapy After Injury
If you sustain an injury of any sort the ideal time for a Bowen Therapy session is immediately afterwards. This will allow your body to recover from the trauma before it begins to compensate for it. Compensations often create more problems in the long run than the initial trauma itself. The sooner you can come in an for a session, the better - ideally within three days for the quickest and most complete recovery.
Bowen Therapy as a Preventative
Men: I know a Bowen instructor in his sixties that receives a specific Bowen procedure regularly from his wife, also a Bowen instructor, to help prevent prostate cancer.
Women: I can teach you a simple Bowen procedure to do on yourselves which may help prevent breast cancer.
Men and Women: There are Bowen procedures that may help prevent high blood pressure and heart conditions from escalating into an emergency situation.
Can you help promote Wholebeing Bowen Therapy?
For those of you who are internet savvy and would like to comment on the benefits you have received from Bowen Therapy I would be most appreciative. You can click Here to write a review on Google (you will be required to log on).
  June Special
20-30% off
Receive 20% off your Bowen treatment in June OR, even better!
Receive 30% off for each of you when you and a friend or family member book together.       Expires 2nd July 2010

Tel: 9037 9433
Email: bowen@wholebeing.com.au
Web: www.wholebeing.com.au
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