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Wholebeing Bowen News
March 2010 - Issue 1
Greetings to you all and welcome to the first issue of Wholebeing Bowen News! In this and future newsletters you will learn more about the benefits of Bowen through articles, news items and other's accounts and experiences of Bowen Therapy.

You will also find various treatment discounts offered (see bottom of newsletter).  These offers also extend to your friends and family - please tell them how much you benefit from Bowen Therapy. They can contact me on 9037 9433.

I trust you will find the newsletters readable, informative and enjoyable. If there is anything you would like to see in these newsletters or if you have feedback, I would be pleased to hear it.

Be well

Joshua Rasco
Bowen Technique Practitioner

New Practice Location in Turramurra
Wholebeing Bowen Therapy had moved from Pymble to 10 Milford Place, Turramurra (directions). Joshua still practises at the Crows Nest Complementary Health Centre, 3 Bruce St, Crows Nest, on Thursdays and Saturdays.
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Tel: 9037 9433
Email: bowen@wholebeing.com.au
Endearing Moments*
Mum Knows Best
Before the start of a third treatment I asked a teenage boy if there had been any improvement in his hip pain since the last treatment. "No, about the same," he said. Later on when I relayed this to his mother, she said, "There has been a big difference - he's sleeping better, more active and whingeing much less!"

Postscript: A week later this young man was back playing soccer again and scored a goal in his grand final match!
Frozen Shoulder Bonus
After treating a client for frozen shoulder she stood up and said, "Wow, I can smell things!" "That's an added bonus," I replied.
* Permission received from each client prior to inclusion in "Endearing Moments"

View from the new tranquil Turramurra location of Wholebeing Bowen Therapy

The 'San' Recognises Bowen's Immune System Benefits
Bowen Therapy's proven ability to boost the immune system has been recognised by the Sydney Adventist Hospital (the 'San'). Starting this year the San has employed a full-time Bowen Practitioner to provide sessions to all recovering cancer patients and carers.

My Salute to the Immobile
My Saturday afternoons are usually dedicated to making home visits to men and women (sometimes boys and girls) who are bedridden, immobile or disabled. Some I visit are very close to death or are recovering after being gravely ill. It is wonderful to see how many of these men and women remain positive and jolly despite their conditions. Some, while having very little voluntary movement, have unrelenting involuntary movement, as can be seen in those with Parkinson’s, especially those with dyskinesia, a side-effect of Parkinson's medication.

One man with Parkinson’s, who was planning to participate in my Parkinson’s research project last year, has developed severe dyskinesia in the last two months, and has lost about 12 kilograms in that time, due to the constant involuntary contracting of his muscles. In effect, his body ‘exercises’ all day long. He commented to me that, “you get used to it after awhile. It seems to be more distressing to the people who visit me than it is for me.” Despite this recent dramatic change in his body function he remains as jolly and positive as ever.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with such people - to see a side of living that perhaps some may not choose to see. And I am amazed to see time and again how Bowen reduces their pain, boosts their immune systems and helps them be more comfortable in their bodies. With each visit I am reminded of how fortunate I am to be able to walk around and have the freedom of movement that I have.

I salute all of those who are bedridden or immobile and facing it with such valiance.
The Benefits of Bowen Therapy
With Bowen it is recognised that the source of many musculoskeletal, hormonal, neurological and other health issues can be found in the soft tissue or fascia. Fascia fills up the space between the skin, muscles and organs distributing water and nutrients around the body and removing waste. If the body is diseased or injured the fascia changes its consistency becoming 'gluey' or adhered which blocks the free-flowing fluid distribution.

Bowen moves change the consistency/release 'gluey' adhesions in the fascia allowing the body's fluid routes to re-open. This re-hydration improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, and helps nutrient absorption and toxin elimination. These are just some of the many benefits of Bowen.

March Special
20% off
Receive 20% off a single Bowen appointment made in March. Bowen is highly preventative. A treatment every 4-8 weeks combined with a healthy lifestyle is an excellent strategy for preventing the development of serious health issues later in life.
Expires 31/3/10
Tel: 9037 9433
Email: bowen@wholebeing.com.au
Web: www.wholebeing.com.au
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