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The real reason you're feeling old and how to reverse it - by Joshua Rasco. Sensory-Motor Amnesia is often the real culprit behind the symptoms of feeling older: chronic pain, stiffness and restricted movement.

Do you know what is in the water you drink? - by Joshua Rasco. The (not so) pleasant surprises found in tap and bottled water, and the solution for ensuring you are drinking water that is health promoting and free of contaminants.

Do you know the purpose of meditation? - by Joshua Rasco. An article that cuts through the mystification surrounding meditation to reveal its purpose and benefits for you in our modern world.

Causes of Acid/Alkaline (pH) Imbalance - by Joshua Rasco. Could these eight lifestyle habits be compromising your health?

History of the Bowen Technique - Background of Mr Tom Bowen and the development of his technique.

Keen Tissue Tension Sense - An article written by Joshua Rasco for Bowen Practitioners on the art of tuning in to their clients. Published in Bowen Hands, the international journal of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, March 2010.

Bowen Info Website - This site is a good resourse of articles and research for Bowen Therapy.

Review of must-have books for Natural Therapists - Recommended books for Bowen Practitioners and Natural Therapists

Natural Remedy to Reduce Swelling (Video) - Video on how to draw out excess fluid around joints following an injury. Aides in speeding up the healing process.

Wholebeing Bowen Therapy Newsletters*

Bowen Therapy Newsletter Issue 1 - March 2010 - Headlines: The 'San' Recognises Bowen's Immune System Benefits, My Salute to the Immobile, The Benefits of Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy Newsletter Issue 2 - June 2010 - Headlines: Bowen Success with Lower Back Pain - A Case Study, Treating Children with Asthma & Respiratory Problems, Bowen Therapy After Injury, Bowen Therapy is Preventative for Men and Women

Bowen Therapy News Issue 3 - Oct 2010 - Headlines: Bowen Technique Intro on YouTube, The Courage to Change, Restless Leg Syndrome, Tai Chi in Epping and Ryde

Bowen Therapy News Issue 4 - Jan 2011 - Headlines: My Number One Bowen Supporter; When the Body is Really Listened To, It Relaxes; Good Fats; Geelong - The Birthplace of Bowen

Bowen Therapy News - June 2012 - Headlines: How do you know where to do Bowen moves?; Featured Business: Kuring-gai Yoga School

Bowen Therapy News - July 2012 - Headlines: Why don't you play music during Bowen sessions?; Featured Business: M.A. Training

Bowen Therapy News - August 2012 - Headlines: Private Health Insurance Rebates Threatened

Bowen Therapy News - September 2012 - Headlines: The Purpose of Meditation; Mobile Phone Precautions

Bowen Therapy News - December 2012 - Headlines: Bowtech Ease - "Joshua's Magic Potion" ; Excercise for Sciatic Pain

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