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December 2012
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I trust this finds you well. Last month I didn't send a newsletter, as I was enjoying a nice, relaxing holiday in Northern NSW. I have made up for it this month though by including information on a possible Christmas gift, sciatica, fibromyalgia and a remedy for general aches, pains, headaches, arthritis and colds & flu's. Most of what you need to stay vital and well over the holiday season! (Stress management is also in order : ), perhaps next time.)

I wish you joy during the holiday season.

Be well,

Joshua Rasco

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"Joshua's Magic Potion"

Bowtech EaseI have been receiving very good reports from clients who have been applying "Bowtech Ease" for relief of their arthritis, muscular pain, headaches and colds and flus - so much so that it has been dubbed by some as "Joshua's Magic Potion". Bowtech Ease is an ayurveda aromatherapy oil blend that is made from all natural ingredients and is a good complement to Bowen. Applying the oil is simple - just gently rub it in to sore muscles or aching joints. In the case of headaches rub it into the temples and the soles of the feet. If coming down with a cold or flu, rub it into the chest and throat.

"I wasn't sure that Bowtech Ease was going to work, but I put it on and five minutes later realised the pain was gone." C.D., Hornsby

If you are interested in trying Bowtech Ease you can purchase a bottle next time you see me for a Bowen session.

Ingredients: Black Pepper, Camphor, Cinnamon Leaf, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Lemon Grass, Peppermint, Ashwagandha, Sesame

Christmas Gift Vouchers

Give a gift that will help your friends and family off to a healthy start for the new year. Give a gift voucher for Bowen Therapy!

Contact Joshua on 9037 9433 for more info.

Stretch to Relieve Sciatic Pain

An excellent, and for many of you, a familiar stretch for sciatic nerve pain (sciatica). It helps to relax the muscles surrounding, and possibly impinging, on the sciatic nerve. This stretch does not relieve the pain of all causes of sciatica but can help with some of them. Bowen will be needed in conjunction with this stretch to correct the underlying cause.

View Video

Bowen Success with Fibromyalgia

For those of you who have or know someone who has fibromyalgia, you know how debilitating it can be. The good news is that Bowen can help reduce the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia. Please have a read of my new web page on fibromyalgia and forward it along to someone who could benefit from it.

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