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Wholebeing Bowen News
January - March 2011 - Issue 4
Welcome to the summer issue of Wholebeing Bowen News, focusing on helping and nurturing others. In this issue:

       My Number One Bowen Supporter
       When the Body is Really Listened To
       Good Fats
       A Trip to the Birthplace of Bowen

Thank you for telling others about how beneficial Bowen is. Last quarter I had 33% more new clients than my previous best quarter! This was largely due to your word-of-mouth referrals - they are much appreciated.

To help you stay healthy and well in 2011 I am giving you a $100 discount (read below). You can telephone 9037 9433 to make an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you!

Be well

Joshua Rasco
Bowen Technique Practitioner

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Wholebeing Bowen Therapy
Rebates available from most Private Health Funds
Visit us at these locations:
Monday - Friday: 10 Milford Place, Turramurra
                           (off the Comenarra Parkway)
Saturdays: Crows Nest Complementary Health Centre
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Tel: 9037 9433
Email: bowen@wholebeing.com.au
Web: www.wholebeing.com.au
Endearing Moments*
Nurturing Does the World of Good
"It is a wonderful thing that you can come to a stranger, lie down and be nurtured (with Bowen)." J.F.
A comment at the end of a client's first session.
The Holistic Nature of Bowen
"As I lay there I thought to myself, 'This Bowen is doing me a lot of good, and not just for my sciatica.'" K.H.
* Permission was received from each client to use their quote.
New Articles / Web Pages
There are two new article on my website. The first is on the causes of Jaw Pain and the second is on Sciatica. Each article includes how Bowen can help with each ailment.
Tom Bowen Memorial
Memorial to Tom Bowen in Geelong's West Park
On a recent trip to the Great Ocean Road we visited Geelong, where Tom Bowen developed and practiced his technique. The above memorial to Tom sits in Geelong's West Park near the location of his first practice.

My Number One Bowen Supporter
I was first introduced to complementary therapies and natural health by my wife Sharon when we met in 2000. It was her experience as a counsellor and psychologist and her wonderful influence that gave me the confidence to practice Bowen and work in a field dedicated to helping others. I have learned and received much from her rare, genuinely caring nature...

...which is why I would like to acknowledge her in this public way and say thank you very much dear Sharon.

If you or someone you know is anxious, depressed, bereaved or facing other life challenges, Sharon is an excellent counsellor and psychologist with 23 years experience - I highly recommend her. To learn more please visit her website http://www.counselling-psychology.com.au


When the Body is Really Listened To, It Relaxes
I would like to take this opportunity to respond more fully to a good question made by a client during a session. She observed, having been to a couple of Bowen practitioners before me, that I took a bit of time to attune to her body before each of the Bowen moves. She asked: "How do you get the body to relax so much before you even do a move? I can feel all of my muscles relax in each area before you work on it."

When working with a client, especially at the beginning of a session, I go very still in my own body. Doing so allows me to tune in to and get a deep awareness of the state of my client's body and its needs. I get a sense of the current state/tension level of the client's tissues and a deep attunement to their whole body and psyche. When the body is really listened to like this, without any sense of threat, it naturally relaxes. Also, my stillness encourages a client to be still, to tune into and become more aware of their own body.

There is more detail on this topic in the article entitled Keen Tissue Tension Sense that I wrote for the March 2010 issue of Bowen Hands, the journal of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.
Saturated Fats - Essential in a Healthy, Balanced Diet
With the low-fat diet fads and cholesterol scares over the past couple of decades, Sally Fallon in her book Nourishing Traditions brings us a balanced, comprehensive look at the necessity of animal fat in our diet. While most specialty diets (including those that exclude saturated fats & meat) have their place and are beneficial for certain people at certain times, Sally argues that there is a significant risk to our health if we cut out saturated animal fats from our diet for a lenghty period of time. With all of the confusion these days around diet, what to eat, what not to eat, etc, etc, the main idea I gleaned from Nourishing Traditions is that for a healthy individual (i.e. someone not needing to be on a special diet) the most beneficial and basic diet is one that includes minimally processed, organic animal products and one that excludes sugar and processed, simple carbohydrates (e.g. white flour). Sally's book has many recipes, which include saturated animal fats, that traditional cultures have enjoyed for thousands of years. Note that because of the abundance of chemicals and pesticides in the food chain today it is essential that animal fats be organic.

Tropical oils such as coconut oil and palm kernal oil are also excellent sources of 'good fats'. I regularly use virgin coconut oil to cook with (rather than olive oil or poly-unsaturated oils). Being a saturated fat coconut oil (and palm kernal oil) can withstand high temperatures without transforming into toxic trans-fatty acids (aka free radicals). Please read more about the health promoting properties of tropical oils.
Bowen Special Offer
$100 off
Resolve to stay healthy and well in 2011! Book Bowen sessions for prevention and regular maintenance. Purchase six sessions for $374 - that is $100 off the normal price! Discount available until 28 February 2011
Tel: 9037 9433
Email: bowen@wholebeing.com.au
Web: www.wholebeing.com.au
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