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Wholebeing Bowen News
July 2012

Welcome! Thank you for all of your comments and feedback on last month's newsletter.

I am opening this newsletter with the gist of a conversation I had with someone recently about Bowen. Bowen is not just for those who are in pain and not feeling well. It is also for those who may feel "ok" but not necessarily vital and well.

To me, the real wonder of Bowen is its amazing ability to waken up and bring about a deep sense of well-being. This is what inspired me to learn and practise Bowen. I hadn't encountered anything like it in my visits to doctors.

Are you content with just feeling "ok"?

Be well ~

Joshua Rasco
Bowen Technique Practitioner

P.S. Don't forget to have a look at this month's special offer at the bottom of this email!

  Bowen Therapy at Crows Nest Complementary Health Centre
"Bowen Therapy" debuts on the Crows Nest clinic building.

Wholebeing Bowen Therapy
Visit us at these locations:
110 Bannockburn Rd, Pymble (Mon, Tue, Fri)
Crows Nest Complementary Health Centre (Saturday)
 3 Bruce St (cnr Pacific Hwy), Crows Nest
Tel: 9037 9433
Email: bowen@wholebeing.com.au
Web: www.wholebeing.com.au
Bowen Pays for Itself...

"While lying here so relaxed, I finally remembered where I had hidden some money." K.M.

Bowen Success: Carpal Tunnel
I have had some wonderful successes with carpal tunnel syndrome, if you know any one with CTS please send them to the new carpal tunnel syndrome page on my website, where they can read more on how Bowen can help.

New Video: Shoulder Exercise
Joshua has recorded a full demonstration of an exercise that helps to open up the shoulder capsule and regain lost mobility. Those of you who have come to Bowen for shoulder issues in the past will recognise it. Have a look!
Interview and Complimentary Consultation with George Hynec, M.A. Training

George Hynec at M.A. Training is the most knowledgeable personal trainer I have met. I interviewed George recently, which resulted in the very informative and amusing piece that follows:

"I have people come to me who have been completely dormant, in an office coma sort of thing for 30 years or more. Some even look like a chair from sitting in one so long. I help these people get back their health, fitness and mobility."

"I differ from traditional personal trainers in that I am really interested in and focused on my client’s overall health and wellbeing, not solely their fitness. Often those who come to me haven’t been focused on their health. They’ve been focusing on work and family and have been under a lot of stress. Many are in their 40’s or 50's and realise, ‘O my God, I have high blood pressure and my cholesterol levels are up to here'..."

"...We are now finding men in their mid-forties who have more oestrogen than their wife!  They are developing breast tissue and enlarged and cancerous prostates." Click here to read the full interview...

For those who mention this newsletter, George is offering a free initial consultation and follow-up training session. I recommend you give George a ring on 0416 198 611 and book in a consultation.

Q: Why don't you play music during Bowen sessions?

A: During a Bowen session it is very important that your body and brain receive as little outside stimulus, other than the Bowen moves, as possible. Each Bowen move is giving a specific input to your brain. Music often stimulates a subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) emotional response, which can be counter-productive to a Bowen session, even if it is 'relaxing' music.

One of the reasons Bowen is so effective is because it brings the body and awareness down into a deeper state of well being and relaxation than can normally be accessed on our own. Listening to relaxing music can bring you into a more relaxed state, but it is superficial relative to the deeper levels of healing that are available. It is very easy for the nervous system to entrain itself at the level of the song or piece of music playing, and not sink down into the deeper levels of healing it needs.


To those of you who refer a friend, family member, colleague, etc for Bowen in July, I am offering $25 off your next Bowen session. If you have been unsuccessful in your attempts at getting them along in the past, try sending them to this Bowen Demonstration Video that I recently recorded. It will give them a good idea of just what they can expect during their Bowen session.

Tel: 9037 9433
Email: bowen@wholebeing.com.au
Web: www.wholebeing.com.au
© Joshua Rasco

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