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Wholebeing Bowen News
October - December 2010 - Issue 3
Welcome to the spring issue of Wholebeing Bowen News! In this issue you will hear others' experiences with Bowen, including topics on:
Bowen Therapy on YouTube
The Courage to Change
Restless Leg Syndrome
Tai Chi
The arrival of spring and warmer weather encourages us to awaken our bodies. Help your body to free itself from winter sluggishness, aches and pains with a Bowen treatment. As encouragement, we are giving you a discount for the month of October (read below) Telephone 9037 9433 to make an appointment.

     I look forward to hearing from you!

Be well

Joshua Rasco
Bowen Technique Practitioner

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Wholebeing Bowen Therapy
Rebates available from most Private Health Funds
Visit us at these locations:
Monday - Friday: 10 Milford Place, Turramurra
                           (off the Comenarra Parkway)
Saturdays: Crows Nest Complementary Health Centre
                            3 Bruce St (cnr Pacific Hwy), Crows Nest
Tel: 9037 9433
Email: bowen@wholebeing.com.au
Web: www.wholebeing.com.au
Endearing Moments*
A Bowen-Induced Realisation
At the end of a session a client commented: "I always come to you after I have tried everyone else (physio's, chiro's) but nothing else seems to work...I should start coming to you first!"
Ah, again Bowen doesn't get the credit
"How has your shoulder been since your last treatment Jim?" I asked. "Oh, I don't think Bowen really helps." he said. "I am sorry to hear that, is it still pretty painful?" "No, it came right during my sleep the night of the treatment."
A Tip for Partners
"My wife has been telling me for some time how wonderful Bowen is and to make an appointment with you. I have been agreeing saying 'Yes, I must do that'. One day she came home and told me I have an appointment on Saturday and here I am!"
* Permission received from each client prior to inclusion in "Endearing Moments"

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Joshua and wife Sharon at a Maasai village in Tanzania. Perhaps Joshua might introduce Bowen Therapy on a future trip?

Introduction to Bowen Therapy for Friends and Family
Here is a well-presented, four-minute YouTube video introducing the Bowen Technique. It is an excellent starting point to help you or someone you know understand the Bowen Technique.

The Courage to Change
A honest dialogue between a client and me about the response she experienced after her first Bowen session.

Client: “I felt a lot of resistance to the changes happening inside of me after the Bowen session last week.

We are so set in our habits of who we are and the stories of ourselves we know so well.  It is confronting coming to the stage of not knowing who I am.”

Joshua: “Yes, it takes courage to confront the resistance but once you are able to look at it and see what it is about it will start to lose its hold over you and it won't be able to hold you back…”

Client: “It is silly that we resist making the changes that lead us to greater well being and better health.”

Joshua: “If you take the next step and go through the resistance you will see that what you are is much more magnificent than what you thought you were.”
Bowen and Restless Leg Syndrome - A Case Study
Sufferers of Restless Leg Syndrome know how distressing it can be - being awakened at night by the kicking and thrashing of one's legs, being unable to enjoy theatre or cinema because of the restlessness and embarrassment. Many Bowen practitioners, including myself, can report Bowen Therapy's effectiveness in addressing this condition. Follow the link below to learn more about Restless Leg Syndrome and how Bowen can help.
New Tai Chi Classes Available in Epping and Ryde
We have all heard of the health benefits of Tai Chi. For those of you who haven't tried this ancient art I highly recommend you do so. Tai Chi is a very restorative activity and like Bowen Therapy is wonderful in bringing about a sense of well-being. Take Away Tai Chi has recently opened its doors and offers a free class for beginners. Please visit their website for more details.
October Special
20% off
Special renewal for Springtime! Refer someone for a Bowen Therapy treatment - or come yourself! - and receive 20% off normal prices.
Available up to 28th October 2010 only.

Tel: 9037 9433
Email: bowen@wholebeing.com.au
Web: www.wholebeing.com.au
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