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September 2012
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Greetings, I trust you are enjoying the beginning of Spring as much as I am.

Below, I am pleased to bring you an article on the purpose of meditation. Meditation works alongside Bowen very well in helping to recover from long term chronic illness/disease. Meditation and Bowen were key to my own recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome that came about during my last 18 months in the U.S. Air Force. In this article I take a different slant and get back to the basics of what meditation is for. I ended up spending a lot of time editing it, so please read it!

Also, as I am interested in your long term health I have included some very good precautions to consider when using your mobile. I have included the first four (of nine) and will post the remaining precautions in next month's newsletter.

Be well,

Joshua Rasco

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Do you know the purpose of meditation?

You get home from a day at work or busy activity and you can’t relax or sit still. Your mind is going, your body is restless and you just can’t switch off. Instead of having a natural sense of peace and goodness, you find it difficult to stop thinking or worrying. Do you experience this? Would you like to do something about it? If so, then meditation can help.

Why meditation is gaining in popularity

Meditation has become popular these days because it is desperately needed to counteract all of the stresses, strains and messages of our modern world. Meditation gives the ability to regain command over your life against the internal and external demands you are under.  Through meditation you learn how to not only “switch off” at any time, but how to not be “switched on” by circumstances in the first place. The meditative state is your natural state, behind the busyness of living. 

The meditative state isn’t commonly understood

A woman I met recently said to me that she wasn’t attending yoga (which incorporates relaxation and meditation) because it didn’t suit her to be “chilled” at the time of day the class was held.  She had lots of busy things to do after the class such as picking-up children and making dinner and it just wasn’t the right time for her to be chilled.

What she didn’t understand is that the purpose of meditation is to teach you how to remain “chilled” so that you can begin to take the stress and strain out of your everyday activities. 

Read the full article

Inspirational Moment

"How are you feeling", I asked at the end of the Bowen session.

"Joshua, I feel great, wonderful. Actually, I feel inspired!"

Mobile Phone Precautions

Below are precautionary measures for mobile phone use given by Dr David Servan-Schreiber in his book Anticancer. Although there has been no link to cancer in studies so far, none of the studies conducted have researched long term mobile phone use (over 5 years). Smoking, for example, takes 15 - 30 years to develop into cancer. I personally do not use a mobile because I feel the unpleasant effects of the electromagnetic radiation on my body if I am within a metre of one.

1. Do not let children under twelve use mobile phones. Growing organs in children and foetuses are the most sensitive to electromagnetic fields.

2. During calls, stay as far as possible from the phone itself. The further away, the weaker the electromagnetic field. Use a headset or speaker phone.

3. Keep away from others using their mobiles and avoid using yours on trains and buses - you will be exposing your fellow travellers to the magnetic field of your phone.

4. Do not keep a mobile on you at all times, even on standby. Do not keep it close to you at night, especially if pregnant.

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