Why meditation is gaining in popularity 

Meditation has become increasingly popular in recent times because people are searching for practical ways to counteract all of the stresses, strains and messages of our modern world. Meditation practise creates more space within, allowing greater perspective and less entanglement with everyday circumstances. Through meditation you learn how to not only “switch off” at any time, but how to not be “switched on” by circumstances in the first place. The meditative state is your natural state, behind the busyness of living.

What is the process of meditation?

In the beginning the practice of meditation is to bring about a sense of calmness and clarity during the meditation session itself. Over time you learn to carry this sense of inner calm into other areas of your life, including those that are stressful or hectic. The calmness and clarity engendered by meditation will eventually permeate throughout your whole life.

How this relates to stillness

Calmness and clarity come when one is still within. Calmness refers to the stillness of emotion and clarity refers to the stillness of mind. The stiller you become the less you will be affected by the events of the day. The clarity that comes with stillness gives you the intelligence not to identify with and get emotional about the situations you are in. It is freeing and empowering to see that you have the ability to stay clear of your old, habitual thought and emotion patterns.

How stillness is developed through meditation

One of the most beneficial meditation exercises to develop greater stillness is to focus on the sensation of the body. Inside the body there is a natural tingling or sensation throughout. You can begin to experience this by simply focussing on the sensation in your hands. Pause now and perceive it for yourself.

Focussing your attention on the sensation of different parts of your body will gradually enable you to become more still. This is because there is no thought or emotion in the pure, natural sensation of the body. It is thought and emotion that causes restlessness. As you come into your own body sensation over time you will notice this.

Meditation sessions

If you would like to learn and practise this meditation technique and experience the benefits mentioned, you are welcome to attend my meditation evenings in Roseville and Crows Nest. Contact Joshua to reserve your place on the upcoming course.

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