Restless Leg Syndrome Procedure with Bowen Therapy
Bowen Therapist Joshua Rasco performing
the Hamstring Procedure, effective for
Restless Leg Syndrome

Are you being awakened at night by the kicking and thrashing of Restless Leg Syndrome?

Sufferers of Restless Leg Syndrome know how distressing it is to not have a good night's sleep or not being able to enjoy theatre or cinema because of the restlessness and embarrassment. But there is good news - many Bowen practitioners, including myself, can report Bowen Therapy's effectiveness as a restless leg syndrome treatment.

What is Restless Leg Syndrome?

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) or Wiitmaack-Ekbom's syndrome is described as the compulsion to move one’s legs due to severe discomfort.  Ironically, RLS can also affect the arms and torso.

A frequently underestimated condition, the Australian Prescriber states that restless leg syndrome actually affects around 5%-10% of the Australian population.

There are four specific criteria for RLS:

  • the strong urge to move restless legs and arms, with or without discomfort or painful sensations (other words used to describe these sensations – crawling, tingling, pulling, cramping, burning, itchy, tugging and gnawing, among others)
  • relief from the above mentioned sensations comes only through the movement of the restless legs or arms
  • commencement and/or aggravation of sensations during rest periods
  • commencement and/or aggravation of sensation at night
Restless Leg Syndrome has the following characteristics:
Restless Leg Treatment ImageThere's nothing as heavenly as relaxed, still legs when you have been suffering from RLS.
  • Because it manifests both during the day and at night (with much higher occurrences at night), restless legs often cause sleep deprivation and impact many aspects of daily life, with the US NIH including “long car trips, sitting in a movie theatre, long-distance flights, immobilization in a cast, or relaxation exercises” to the list.
  • Both sexes can have restless leg syndrome and acquire it at any age, but women account for a higher percentage of worldwide cases.
  • The trait of having a “restless leg” seems to be hereditary, with studies showing that 50% of all restless leg syndrome cases are passed on by parents to children.

Causes of Restless Leg Syndrome

Currently, there's no definite cause for restless leg syndrome, but some conditions are associated with this disorder, including iron and magnesium deficiency, hypothyroidism, Parkinson's disease, anaemia, kidney failure, diabetes, fibromyalgia and sleep apnoea.

Also, scientific studies have found many types of medication that cause or aggravate RLS in patients; if you are taking any antihistamines, antidepressants, antipsychotics, anticonvulsants and/or medication for hypertension and nausea, you should consult with your doctor and see if these medications are causing or worsening your symptoms.

Bowen Therapy: A Natural, Side-Effect Free Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment

There are a wide variety of medications for restless legs but they all come with various side-effects.  As a restless leg syndrome treatment, Bowen Therapy is a safe and effective alternative for those seeking out a drug free therapy.  It can take only a few sessions to ease your discomfort and make your days and nights much more bearable!

This finding is illustrated by the case of one of my clients – an RLS sufferer of nearly 40 years.   She started to experience the four hallmarks of restless leg syndrome after childbirth and thought that it could have perhaps been an extension of the growing pains she experienced as a teenager. After three Bowen Therapy sessions together, focusing on her lower and upper back, hamstrings, glutes and knees, she reported a massive decrease in pain, significantly less manifestations of restless legs throughout the night, and increased ability to sleep soundly. After three more Bowen Therapy sessions the patient reported positive results during the daytime, too.

This is just one instance of Bowen Therapy working as a viable restless leg treatment, and many Bowen practitioners can attest to its effectiveness not only for restless legs, but also for other physical and internal conditions.

If you have restless legs and want to experience the effectiveness of Bowen Therapy as an all-natural restless leg syndrome treatment, book your appointment now.

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Note/Disclaimer: Bowen Therapy and the information provided above are not to be used as a substitute for seeking medical advice for your condition.  Please consult your medical practitioner if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned.