Only dry nights now for Matthew

“Matthew”, aged seven, had been wetting the bed since infancy, roughly six nights per week.  His mum didn’t want him to feel bad about the fact that he was bedwetting, so she prepared him for his visit to me by simply asking Matthew a question, “What would you be willing to do, to not have to wear your pull-ups to bed?”  “Mummy I’ll do anything!” he replied.  “Well, I know someone who can give you a Bowen ‘massage’ that might be able to help.”

During the first session Matthew received a whole body balance in preparation for the subsequent sessions.  A week later he came in for his first session of the Bowen Bedwetting Protocol.  The protocol is performed weekly until seven consecutive dry nights are achieved.  Some improvement is often seen after two to four, 15 minute sessions.

Bowen Therapy is a very gentle hands-on technique, which includes a few wait periods that allow the body time to integrate the work being done.  It is common during a Bowen session for clients to feel different sensations.  I asked Matthew to give me feedback and he described both warmth and “ticklishness” during the first session.

Upon arrival for his second Bedwetting Protocol session, Matthew greeted me with “It’s working!   I’ve had four dry nights!”

After the third protocol session Matthew, again, had four dry nights and after the fourth session, six dry nights.  During these sessions his body had alternating sensations of heat and cold – signs that his body was responding well.

Before the fifth session Matthew announced that he had been dry for seven consecutive nights – every night!  The fifth session then became a reinforcement of the work I had been doing up to that point.

I followed-up with Matthew's mum six weeks after the last session – he had been dry every night since. Matthew asked his mum to relay this to me, "Please tell Joshua that I really liked Bowen massages because Joshua was gentle and it was warm and relaxing".

If your child is bedwetting, it is worth considering Bowen Therapy.  It has helped many children the way it has helped Matthew.

The initial Bowen session for bedwetting children is $65 and $45 for subsequent sessions. 

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