Growing up on fast food and pharmaceuticals in Southern California, Bowen Practitioner Roseville, Sydneyand continuing on with a fit but unhealthy lifestyle as an airman in the U.S. Air Force, Joshua Rasco fortunately discovered meditation and a whole new world of natural health and complementary therapies beginning in 1997.  Since then he has been inspired to help others discover and bring about a greater sense of well-being and natural health in their own lives.

Joshua practises Bowen Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, teaches meditation classes and offers Bioptron Light Therapy at the Wholebeing Health Centre in Roseville, Sydney. 

Joshua received his Diploma of Bowen Therapy from the Border College of Natural Therapies (now Bowen Training Australia), and is an Accredited Member (No. 9270) of the Bowen Association of Australia and a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists. He is also the former President of the Bowen Association of Australia and a former Bowtech Bowen Instructor.

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"Joshua has a really nice, very calm, soothing personality. Just spending an hour with him, regardless of whether I had Bowen or not, I’d walk out feeling a lot calmer. Joshua is a really good listener too and there have been little pieces of advice that he’s given where I thought, 'yeah, that is a good point. I should do that.' I really appreciate that he listens and is very empathic."

Sarah Nott, North Sydney

"Joshua listens to and is interested in what I say, and he acts on what I say, rather than from a preconceived idea of what he’s going to do. I get the idea that his focus is on healing and that he likes what he does."

Marilyn Broadbridge, Cremorne

"Bowen with Joshua is very nurturing. He is a nurturer and I feel totally comfortable with him."

Jean Fairfax, Cherrybrook