TMJ Procedure with Bowen Therapy
The Bowen Therapy TMJ Procedure is can be very
effective for jaw pain/TMJ Syndrome

Causes of Jaw Pain

Tension is often a cause of jaw pain and TMJ Syndrome.  Tension can lead to clenching of the teeth during the day and/or grinding of the teeth at night (bruxism).  Clenching and grinding can cause nerve irritation and further tightening of the muscles of the jaw and neck, resulting in further pain. 

The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) or jaw joints are located in front of the ears where the jaw bone (mandible) meets the skull (temporal bone).  A small disc-shaped piece of cartilage rests between the joint allowing for smooth opening movements.  It is when the cartilage becomes worn or displaced through over or inefficient use that you start to hear and feel clicking or popping when opening and closing the mouth.

There are several dental and medical problems that are associated with jaw pain.  Dental problems such as an abscess, cavities, broken teeth and fillings can all cause jaw pain.  TMJ dysfunction/syndrome (i.e. stiff jaw muscles, limited movement/locking of jaw or clicking in the jaw) also cause jaw pain.  Other symptoms of TMJ dysfunction include hearing loss, headaches and/or dull pain in or around the ears, cheekbones or neck. 

Looking at it from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, there are four acupuncture meridians (Gall Bladder, Stomach, Small Intestine and Triple Heater) that run though the TMJ – making it a very powerful focal point of the body.  An imbalance in any of these meridians could potentially result in jaw pain. When the TMJ’s are misaligned often there will be a corresponding misalignment in the pelvis. 

Bowen Therapy consists of gentle, rolling movements over muscles, tendons, fascia and nerves which stimulate the body's natural healing ability and promotes physical and emotional well-being.             

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Note/Disclaimer: Bowen Therapy and the information provided above are not to be used as a substitute for seeking medical advice for your condition.  Please consult your medical practitioner if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned.