If you have fibromyalgia you will be familiar with widespread pain and debilitating fatigue, often coming on after simple activities. You may also experience what is known as 'fibro fog', i.e. difficulty with concentration, thinking and memory.

Like you, many people with fibromyalgia are looking for a medication and anti-depressant free treatment to help reduce your symptoms - you may have even tried several hands-on therapies.

Introducing Bowen Therapy

Even if you have tried several other therapies and pain medications without much success, Bowen Therapy still may be able to help. Bowen Therapy is a gentle and safe form of bodywork that can be beneficial for fibromyalgia because of its calming and balancing effect on the central nervous system. The gentleness of Bowen is important as it does not cause further inflamation for those with fibromyalgia.

With fibromyalgia there is usually an over-sensitisation of the nervous system (meaning pain is easily triggered) and some believe the symptoms are due to inflammation in the fascia/connective tissue. Bowen not only helps to calm the nervous system, but also the tissues and fascia. Many have commented that the deeply relaxing nature of Bowen helps to calm their anxiety, reduce stress and help them 'feel better in themselves'.

Treating fibromyalgia holistically

A holistic approach to treating fibromyalgia is necessary for long-lasting changes. Along with the Bowen sessions, we will also be looking at diet and food intolerances, exercise, environmental factors, stress and other lifestyle factors to give your body the best support and opportunity to heal as possible.

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Note/Disclaimer: Bowen Therapy and the information provided above are not to be used as a substitute for seeking medical advice for your condition.  Please consult your medical practitioner if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned.

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