Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is not a syndrome in itself but a symptom of other causes.

What causes tinnitus?

There are many causes of tinnitus, which include:
  • Cochlear damage
  • Degeneration of hair cells in the cochlea
  • Exposure to loud sounds
  • Ear infection
  • Stress or trauma
  • Low energy levels, chronic energy depletion
  • Neck, jaw or cranium misalignment
  • Meniere's disease

How can Bowen Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy help?

While Bowen and Craniosacral Therapy cannot bring relief to some causes of tinnitus (e.g. cochlear damage or degeneration of cochlea hair cells), improvements have been seen with other causes, such as head and neck disorders (e.g. whiplash), jaw and dental disorders, stress, allergies, sinusitis and Meniere's disease.

During a consultation, assessment and correction of compressions and rotations in the temporal bones (highlighted in image below), mandible (jaw bone) and where they meet each atReleasing the temporal bone is sometimes indicated in the treatment of tinnitus. the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) are performed. The ear canal passes through the middle of the temporal bone. If there are any rotations in this bone it can effect hearing and cause tinnitus. If there are any other cranial bones or attaching muscles compressing the temporal bone, mandible or TMJ then this can also be a cause of tinnitus.

High stress levels and chronic depletion can also be a cause of tinnitus. Both Bowen and Craniosacral Therapy are non-invasive and gentle. They help the nervous system transition from the sympathetic fight/flight/freeze response to the parasympathetic rest/relax/recover state. This is the first step in alleviating tinnitus caused by stress and low energy levels.

If you notice that your tinnitus increases when you are more stressed, this is a good indication that Bowen or Craniosacral Therapy may be able to help.

About three sessions are required initially for tinnitus, with one or two follow-ups about four weeks apart.

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