Are you anxious about whether you can get through the day without your fibromyalgia pain being triggered?

The most frustrating thing about fibromyalgia, as you well know, is that you can't really predict when the pain will be triggered. From experience you know that if it is only a small amount of pain you can usually keep going, but when it's really bad, whether you are in the middle of work or having a nice time out with friends, you have to cancel plans or stop what you are doing to go and lie down.

Then there is the fatigue

On top of the uncertainty of when the fibromyalgia pain will be triggered, you feel tired a lot. After simple activities the tiredness you feel often seems way out of proportion with what you have done! Wouldn't you like to do the things you were once able to, without your body having such an extreme reaction? What you need is a therapy that is well suited for the relief of fibromyalgia pain and fatigue...

Introducing Bowen Therapy

Even if you have tried several other therapies and pain medications without much success, Bowen Therapy still may be able to help. Bowen Therapy is a gentle and safe form of bodywork that is especially beneficial for fibromyalgia because it is exceptional in calming down and balancing the central nervous system. The symptoms of fibromyalgia seem to stem from an over-sensitised nervous system. Bowen not only helps to bring balance to the nervous system but can also have the effect of calming down the emotion and anxiety that is often connected with fibromyalgia.

How many Bowen sessions do I need?

Usually between three to six Bowen sessions are required initially for fibromyalgia. With follow-up/maintenance sessions every four to six weeks afterwards.

At around the same price as a one-hour massage, and with most health funds offering rebates, Bowen Therapy is very affordable.

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Note/Disclaimer: Bowen Therapy and the information provided above are not to be used as a substitute for seeking medical advice for your condition.  Please consult your medical practitioner if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned.

Bowen Therapy