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Meditation Articles

These articles assist with many different aspects of a meditation practice.  Meditation can be much more effective once the process is understood, as well as what you may experience.

Tips for Dealing with Resistance to Meditation

Tips for Dealing with Resistance to Meditation

In this article we look at why everyone experiences resistance to meditation at some point, the different forms of resistance to look out for and what you can do when you are feeling strong resistance to meditating.  To help with this last point, the article includes an audio meditation to guide you through this process.

How does meditation work?

How Does Meditation Work?

A practical perspective on how meditation works to quieten the mind, relax the body and reduce stress and emotional reactivity.  Also covered is the key to successful meditation and the overall purpose of meditation.

Wholebeing Meditation Courses and Online Sessions

Compare and contrast our meditation offerings, which are available face-to-face in Roseville, Sydney and Online

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Meditation 1 - Beginner's Course
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Skill Level:


Intermediate to Advanced

Beginner to Advanced

Beginner to Advanced


Face-to-face or Online

Face-to-face or Online


Face-to-face or Online


1.25 hrs/class

1.5 hrs/class

30 min/session

30-60 min/session


8 Weeks - one class/week

8 Weeks - one class/week

Four Tuesday evenings in Jan 2024

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Emotional Intelligence



Emotional Intelligence


You choose


$260 (early bird), $295 (full)

$280 (early bird), $315 (full)

4 session pass:


30 Min: $75

45 Min: $100

60 Min: $125

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30 Jul 2024

29 Jul 2024


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“These classes have been life changing for me. I am so grateful for the impact on my life - greater presence, better relationships, contentment, release of fears, clarity and so much more.

I was having a rough time when I joined the meditation course.  It was definitely the worst time of my life.  The meditation has helped me be a lot more aware when my mood is swinging or when I’m not dealing with situations in the way that I want to.  I’m enjoying the process of deconstructing habits and emotions that aren’t working for me.  It has been remarkable and has not only positively affected me but the whole family.

I really like the structure of the course.  Every single week the lessons have been so strong.  There hasn’t been a week where I thought ‘oh yeah, I’ve already got that mastered.’  Joshua is really good at listening to what people are saying and he models what he teaches really well. 

During the guided meditation sessions I experience being taken to a deeper place.  It’s not necessarily what Joshua is saying but it is a deeper level where there is a transference of knowledge happening that’s not with words.

When I sit down to meditate now, I can quite quickly go into a space where I feel I am part of a universal consciousness, as opposed to a consciousness of myself as an individual.  There is no pressure to be anyone or anything.

I feel I have opened the door to living a more authentic version of myself (and caring less about what others perceive me to be). I’m attracting better people in my life, so that speaks volumes. I have been able to keep a sense of calm even with a busy work life and family.  I’m very grateful for your beautiful classes, Joshua!”


I do an annual health check through the company I work for and they recommended I start meditation because my stress levels were high, but I kept putting it off until I had a stroke in 10/21, which was a real wakeup call for me. 

Meditation with Joshua has been a very valuable part of my recovery (although it would have been much better if I had used it as a preventative).  The deep rest and sleep I have been having has been so helpful in the recovery of my brain.  Turning the energy it consumes away from all of the distractions of life, stress about work and stress about the future, to just being and letting energy flow where it is needed.  Meditation has been a meaningful circuit breaker for stress and positive influence to help form good habits. 

The weekly exercises are so rich.  I am still digesting and working on them.  Rather than seeing them as an unfinished task, I am seeing them as a toolkit.  They are not really tasks that you complete, but things you bring into your life.

I’m having much richer conversations at home and at work by listening more, rather than leading, guiding and telling.  I’ve always known that I need to let other people have more space to talk and to share. 

Joshua is an excellent coach; he brings a great deal of warmth and compassion.  His guiding of the meditations creates an energy that allows you to be still – not being pushed to act in one way or another and his open energy allows connections to happen within the group. 

 I recommend the meditation course without reservation.  There has never been a moment when I thought ‘I don’t want to come to class’.   I have no doubt that meditation is going to be a big part of my life now.

jefferson gibbs