Online Guided Meditation Sessions

Online Guided Group Meditation Sessions

Deepen your meditation by joining these 30-minute online guided group sessions.  The peaceful meditative field created and held by Joshua and the group will greatly aid your meditation practice and ability to stay calm and clear during the day. These sessions are open to beginners through to experienced meditators and are offered online via Zoom.

5 and 10 session passes are available and can be used across all session times.

Upon purchase of your first meditation session pass pack you will be provided:

  • An audio and written introduction giving an overview of the meditation approach, as well as the key to a 'successful' meditation and guidance on how to deal with restlessness and resistance when it arises during meditation.  
  • Five guided audio meditations recorded by Joshua, which will assist you in your home practice.  
  • A 15-minute phone coaching session, which can be scheduled at your convenience.

If you are looking for a comprehensive meditation, mindfulness and emotional intelligence course, then check out Meditation 1.

Meditation Session Times

tuesday Lunchtime

weekly starting: 12 July


30 Minutes

thursday morning

weekly Starting: 14 July


30 Minutes

Meditation Session Pass Packs

Passes can be used for all session days and times

5 session pass


8 week expiry from first use

Introductory 5 session pass

(New Meditation Clients Only)


8 week expiry from first use

Insights others have gained from meditation with Joshua:

After years of claiming I would not be able to meditate, I have found that I am capable of this and it is proving most beneficial.

The neutrality I have reached through meditation has helped me overcome day to day preoccupations and physical pains.

I am learning more and more about myself, that traditional therapy, which I have done over the years, has never even touched on.

I have gained clarity and calmness in dealing with unpleasant behaviour from family members.

All I need in already within me, available.  I just need to observe.

I found it helpful the way you grounded deep concepts into accessible practices.  You rock!

Working on a sense of separation between myself and my emotions has been very helpful.

I’ve gained a deeper understanding of my emotional triggers and their impact on relationships.  

By facing emotions and being present to them they can transmute into a feeling of deep peace. I feel less confronted by difficult emotions as a result.  Thank you Joshua, this has been a gift in many ways.

Being present is the single most important thing for me. Biggest insight – ‘I can do it’.  Meditation has been an extremely beneficial investment.

Benefits have been amazing for both me and my entire family as I am more aware of why I am responding the way I am, and the impact on others.

About Joshua Rasco

About Joshua Rasco - Meditation Teacher, Bowen Therapist and Craniosacral Therapist

Intense anxiety and a deeper spiritual calling were the impetus in seeking something more real and fulfilling at the age of 19. Over the 25 years since, I have been with different spiritual teachers and masters, attended countless retreats, and given many hours a day to reading, listening, watching, meditating, integrating and applying a deeper sense of Presence and Being in my daily, living life.

I first started teaching meditation in 2013 when a Bowen Therapy client asked if I could teach her son meditation.  I am not sure how she knew that I meditated, but I agreed.  The idea of teaching classes came soon after and the classes have continued to grow organically since then.

I particularly enjoy guiding others in becoming more aware of and moving through the unseen, unresolved emotion driving the pressure, stress, thinking and unhelpful behaviours they experience in their lives.

The inspiration behind teaching these meditation classes stems from a deep commitment of service to Life and those who participate in the classes.  

About Joshua Rasco - Meditation Teacher, Bowen Therapist and Craniosacral Therapist