Meditation 2 Classes

Roseville, Sydney and Online

Classes Start 29 Jul, 2024

Meditation 2: Deepening Presence

Eight Week Advanced Meditation and Mindfulness Course

The Meditation 2: Deepening Presence course is a progression of Meditation 1 and open to those who have completed Meditation 1 twice, or have completed it once and have prior experience with meditation or self-awareness practises.

Meditation 2 explores in a deeper context and really shifts you into making meditation and presence part of your life.  The course prompts interesting and open discussions, some of which can almost be confronting, but I found it a very good thing to learn how to confront my thoughts.

It was an interesting exercise to delve into some of the things that had been buried deep down.  The course helped me to understand and put into context experiences I have had in the past, which I only half understood and that were not integrated.  I very much recommend Meditation 2.


Meditation 2 Course Structure

Meditation 2 provides an advanced application of the “Foundational Practices” and other exercises learned in Meditation 1.  The exercises focus on bringing greater awareness and presence to unhelpful habits, communication, attachments, emotions and relationships.

The group meditations in Meditation 2 are direct in guiding the attention to our ever-present natural state - Being. This powerfully shifts the self-reference of being an individual with thoughts, emotions and tensions trying to reach the state of Being, to being Being itself.  

To support and assist these deeper meditations, there are 20 additional recorded guided meditations available in Meditation 2, to be used for the home practice.

The diagram below illustrates the focus of the Meditation 1 and Meditation 2 courses and gives an idea of the purpose of each:


A state where the attention is heavily identified with whatever thoughts and feelings are arising, which produces negative thoughts, a racing mind, stress, anxiety, worry and other negative emotions.

Meditation 1's primary focus is helping move from Identification to Mindfulness.


Mindfulness is the practice of being/becoming aware of one's physical body sensations, thoughts and emotions.  This creates space or distance from what is felt and thought, giving greater perspective.

Meditation 2's primary focus is helping move from Mindfulness to Presence.


As one becomes aware of and 'sees through' the various thoughts, emotions, beliefs and habits causing inner conflict and disturbance, one naturally comes into a greater sense of presence and inner space, accompanied by greater freedom, love and joy.

Term 2: Meditation 2 Classes



Eight Wednesday Evenings

Start Date TBD

7:30 - 9:00pm


*The course fee can be transferred to the subsequent term, if notice is given at least one week prior to commencement of classes. No refunds will be given.

Meditation 2 Class Environment

Many have found that the group environment of the Meditation 2 class to be one of its key benefits.  The classes provide a sense of community where you can learn from other’s experiences.  Those in the class are committed and engaged and many continue to deepen in their practice and understanding term after term.

“I appreciated the lovely group of people.  It was a different level and we were definitely all on the same page – we had the same objectives, amount of trust and were all easy going.  It was a safe and respectful environment.

The group discussions were thought-provoking, and I learned from them.  I like to see how people apply what they learn in the course and what roadblocks they have.  I always pick-up something new from it.” 


“I really enjoyed the handouts and the discussion with the group.  Once you get to know everybody you start to feel as though they are your partners in this and you begin to celebrate everyone else’s success and learn from them as well.“

Christine LeMaitre

"Your classes have really helped me deepen my practice beyond recognition. Whilst the words you share are beneficial, there’s an understanding/resonance that you communicate on other levels that I still don’t fully understand, but am excited to further explore. I feel the classes have opened a door for me that has entirely changed my way of living in the world and brought me immense contentment. These classes saved my marriage last year as returning to meditation guided me out of a very dark place. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that.  Many thanks!


"I’d seen the benefits of attending the Meditation 1 course and wanted to put that into practise again and go a bit deeper, so I joined Meditation 2.  I was intrigued to see where it would go, although I did not have any expectations. 

With the deeper level of meditation in the class came a significant breakthrough for me.  I became aware of this ball of tension that was with me all the time, probably for my whole life, which I hadn’t consciously noticed before.  Initially I got overwhelmed “Oh God, I’ve always been tense.  Maybe this is me, my personality, and I’m always going to be tense.”  But then the next week Joshua clarified what was happening and then I just relaxed with it.  It’s this information, education and guidance through the process that is so valuable.

The best outcome for me was putting meditation into practise every day.  I wasn’t able to do this before the breakthrough.  The meditation would normally drop-off after the course ended, but I have been able to continue with it daily. 

If you would like to take it to the next level and stay motivated – you must do Meditation 2!.”


“I began the meditation classes for a particular reason – to help with my sleep – and through them have learnt how to handle a lot of other issues in my life.  I’m more present with my family and the communication with my husband is improving significantly, as I take on board what I’ve learned in the Meditation 2 course. 

There have been benefits to all different aspects of my life that I didn’t expect – and it’s still going.  One of the things I’ve learned is that you can only take in so much at any one point.  I’ve done five terms of meditation now and have gotten into it more each term.  It’s a lifelong learning experience and the more experience you have with it, the more you dig deeper.

I’ve been so surprised at how much I’ve received from the courses so far.  I had no expectations and I am learning more and more about myself – more than from counselling or any self-help course I have done.”

christine lemaitre

About Joshua Rasco

About Joshua Rasco - Meditation Teacher, Bowen Therapist and Craniosacral Therapist

Growing up on fast food and pharmaceuticals in Southern California and continuing with a fit but unhealthy and unhappy lifestyle in the U.S. Air Force, I fortunately discovered meditation at the age of 19 during an intense period of anxiety.

Over the 25 years since, I have been with different spiritual teachers and masters, attended countless retreats, and given many hours a day to reading, listening, watching, meditating, integrating and applying a deeper sense of presence in my daily life.

I first started teaching meditation in 2013 when a Bowen Therapy client asked if I could teach her son meditation.  I am not sure how she knew that I meditated, but I agreed.  The idea of teaching classes came soon after and the classes have continued to grow organically since then.

I particularly enjoy guiding others in becoming more aware of and moving through the unseen, unresolved emotion driving the pressure, stress, thinking and unhelpful behaviours they experience in their lives.

The inspiration behind teaching these meditation classes stems from a deep commitment of service to Life and those who participate in the classes.

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Full Member: Number M1595

About Joshua Rasco - Meditation Teacher, Bowen Therapist and Craniosacral Therapist
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Full Member: Number M1595