Corporate Meditation & Mindfulness Programs

Why Wholebeing Health & Meditation?

We enable authentic growth, greater self-awareness, emotional well-being and resilience, through direct, relevant and practical presentations, workshops, mentoring and courses.   This directly translates into a more sustainable team culture, boosting productivity, efficiency and creativity. 

Our programs have developed organically and been refined over 10 years – with hundreds of students.

We work closely with you to design Meditation, Mindfulness, Emotional Well-Being and Resilience programs that meet the needs of your organisation.

Tailored Meditation & Mindfulness Programs

all programs can be face-to-face, online or a mixture of both.  

Here are some of what our programs may consist of:

Presentations and Workshops on:

- Mindfulness and Presence

- Emotional Well-Being

- Resilience


- Meditation and Mindfulness (4 weeks)

- Meditation, Mindfulness & Emotional Well-Being (8 weeks)

- Meditation and Resilience (9 weeks)

Online Meditation Sessions

Several 30-minute sessions are available per week on a drop-in basis.  

7-Day Mindfulness Challenge

This 7-Day Challenge is especially effective for staff following a Mindfulness presentation or workshop.

Corporate Mindfulness Programs, Sydney

We work closely with you to design, develop and implement a program that meets the needs of your people and organisation.  Want to know more?

Additional Program Features

Guided Audio Meditations

The programs and courses include access to over 20 audio, guided meditations, which reinforce what is learned and support a home meditation practice.  The meditations range from 10-40 minutes.

Structure and Gentle Accountability

Each of our courses provide the grounding, structure and gentle accountability needed to develop a consistent meditation practice and implement the weekly exercises into the daily life.  The courses have been designed to maximise engagement so that your staff can gain the most from the course and truly see the benefits.

Benefits of Meditation Programs in the Workplace

Mental Clarity

Meditation and mindfulness enhance the ability to focus and hold sustained attention, improving learning and the ability to process information. Mental clarity replaces mental fatigue and fog.  

Mindfulness, Presence and Calm

Integrated into our programs are practises to bring greater awareness into the everyday life - including the busiest and most stressful of situations.  

Emotional Well-Being and Resilience

Greater awareness provides the ability to recognise and reduce unhelpful thought & behaviour patterns, leading to greater resilience.  It also engenders greater empathy and understanding of others.  

Relaxation and Better Sleep

With decreased feelings of anxiety and stress, enhanced mood and emotional stability, sleep comes more naturally and fully.  Research shows the increased productivity, well-being and general good health that comes with a good night's sleep.  

“I’ve long been a high-energy, high-achieving, yet very competitive and highly-strung individual, but as the meditation classes went by I started to grasp the concepts and around halfway through I started feeling calmer and more tranquil inside, which undoubtedly makes me a better person to live with.

The active mind, the over-competitiveness, both have eased to the point where I’m more in the present, in the flow, and in the zone, able to stay calm under high work pressure and challenging situations.

I take things more in my stride.  I cannot recommend the course highly enough.”


"The course helped me to not be afraid of the emotions and reactions that come up."

“Joshua’s guidance is clear, simple to understand and relatable.  I really enjoyed the course structure and the online format worked very well.  The handouts and practices were very helpful, providing a thread that was expanded upon each week and giving something new to observe and discover.   

With the guidance I was able to go deeper, past the resistance and inner dialogue. This gave me the opportunity to sit behind my emotions and look at them as if I was watching a movie, rather than getting caught up in the intensity of what I feel.  

I am really grateful and I will do the course again.  Joshua’s authentic service shines through.”

Isabelle Archard-Lobato

"What I enjoy about the course is that I can really feel the benefits.  I connect with people a lot better and I work and perform better.  It has been life changing."

"Meditation is a part of my lifestyle now – something I want to do all the time.  Life’s more joyful now when I am present and off ‘clock time’.  I’m finding the pleasure in the simple things in life – a lot of it I never noticed before.  It’s been pretty amazing."


"I had been through some difficulties with my work situation, which had manifested in anxiety and difficulty sleeping.  My GP prescribed anti-depressants, which is a path I didn’t want to go down, so I searched for a natural alternative and found Joshua’s meditation classes.  I had no idea what to expect, but I went in with an open mind.

Through the practises I have recognised that I need to stop and actually live in the moment, rather than continuously living for what’s coming up next and my life being driven by busyness and habitual behaviour.  To appreciate the beauty in the world, rather than simply living in it to get to the next moment.  

I’m happier now because I’m able to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, like a flower or the sunshine and to breathe and be grateful for being in the world.  That’s been a huge change."

christine le maitre

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