Joshua Rasco

Meditation Teacher | Bowen Therapist | Craniosacral Therapist

Growing up on fast food and pharmaceuticals in Southern California and continuing with a fit but unhealthy and unhappy lifestyle in the U.S. Air Force, I fortunately discovered meditation in 1997 and Bowen Therapy three years later.

About Joshua Rasco - Meditation Teacher, Bowen Therapist and Craniosacral Therapist

About Meditation

Intense anxiety and a deeper spiritual calling were the impetus in seeking something more real and fulfilling at the age of 19. Over the 25 years since, I have been with different spiritual teachers and masters, attended countless retreats, and given many hours a day to reading, listening, watching, meditating, integrating and applying a deeper sense of presence in my daily, living life.

I first started teaching meditation in 2013 when a Bowen Therapy client asked if I could teach her son meditation.  I am not sure how she knew that I meditated, but I agreed.  The idea of teaching classes came soon after and the classes have continued to grow organically since then.

I particularly enjoy guiding others in becoming more aware of and moving through the unseen, unresolved emotion driving the pressure, stress, thinking and unhelpful behaviours they experience in their lives.

The inspiration behind teaching these meditation classes stems from a deep commitment of service to Life and those who participate in the classes.

About Bowen and Craniosacral Therapy

I am also a Bowen and Craniosacral Therapist, running a clinic in Roseville and have been practising on the North Shore of Sydney since 2006.  While in the military, shoulder pain motivated me to try both Bowen and Craniosacral Therapy for the first time in 2000.  The pain quickly resolved, yet it was the profound relaxation and sense of well-being that inspired me to become a practitioner myself.  

I treat a wide range of ailments, focusing on stress-related conditions, musculo-skeletal issues, headaches/migraines, TMJ pain and chronic/autoimmune conditions.  My focus is to help clients see their health in context of, or the result of, their whole living life, so they can be truly empowered in their health and in their life.

I am a former President of the Bowen Association of Australia and a former teacher of the Cert IV in Bowen Therapy.

About the North Shore Practitioner Alliance (NSPA)

Being a sole practitioner and recognizing the benefits of collaborating with and learning from other practitioners (for clients in my practice and for myself), I founded the NSPA in mid-2019.  NSPA is a network of experienced health practitioners based on the North Shore of Sydney.  We meet monthly with the purpose of building strong support and referral relationships and providing beneficial outcomes and client care for the community we work within.