Treatment and Relief of Lower Back Pain with Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is known for its success with relieving lower back pain.  I have helped many people with lower back pain return to normal, healthy lives.  A recent example follows.

Bowen for Low Back Pain

A 34 year old woman suffering from lower back pain, sacrum pain and periods of sciatica, resulting from a car accident 3 ½ years earlier, came to me for Bowen Therapy after trying chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage with little relief.  She had been to a variety of doctors who had each given her a different diagnosis: piriformis syndrome, sciatica and iliosacral joint dysfunction, but were unable to assist her.

First Bowen Therapy treatment and its results

During the first Bowen treatment I performed a whole body balance which included her lower back, upper back, neck and shoulders as well as specific work for her pelvis.  One week later she returned for her second visit and reported that her lower back pain had disappeared for two days following the treatment.  When the lower back pain returned it was different - it was a compressed pain in the lower back rather than pain from spasm. 

She also reported that the tension and soreness in her neck and shoulders had gone away and not returned.  She commented, “It has been a long time since they have felt this way.”

Second Bowen Therapy Treatment

It is very common for clients to experience different sensations during a Bowen treatment as the body begins the healing process.  Usually these sensations result from the nervous system releasing any charge it may be holding from previous injuries, accidents or illnesses.  This release is part of the natural healing and balancing process that occurs during a Bowen Therapy session.

During my client's second Bowen treatment she felt stiffness in her left leg from the hip to knee and knee to Back pain being addressed with Bowen Therapyankle after I performed moves over her gluteus maximus muscles.  This response prompted me to do further moves to release the gluteal muscles which resulted in a warm radiating pain in her left hip.  It is also very common for people to re-experience pain and sensations similar to what they experienced during the initial traumatic event.  It seems to be the body’s way of releasing the cellular memory of the accident or injury – the ‘mark’ or imprint of the trauma is cleared and no longer impacts on the person’s health.

Later in the treatment I did further work for her upper back, pelvis and sacrum.

Third Bowen Therapy Treatment

Before the third treatment, two weeks later, my client reported that she hadn’t had any pain or discomfort whatsoever after the second treatment even though she had been on holiday and doing things which usually aggravate her lower back.  With that information, my endeavour for the third treatment was to further the work I had already done so that her pain-free state would be long lasting.

I again worked on the lower back, upper back, neck and shoulders, including a couple of moves for the kidneys, which resulted in pain and sensitivity in the left lower back.  This pain and sensitivity was an obvious result of the body, through Bowenwork, addressing deeper structural imbalances.

Conclusion – Low Back Pain Case Study

Bowen Therapy was very effective with this client.  She now only comes for occational 'maintenance' sessions and has referred new clients to me for Bowen Therapy. 

Note/Disclaimer: Bowen Therapy and the information provided above are not to be used as a substitute for seeking medical advice for your condition.  Please consult your medical practitioner if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned.

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