Bowen is a non-invasive, gentle form of bodywork that can be highly beneficial in bringing relief to some causes of tinnitus. It is important to remember that tinnitus is a symptom of other causes and is not a syndrome in and of itself. While Bowen cannot bring relief to some causes of tinnitus (e.g. cochlear damage), I have seen improvements with other causes, such as head and neck disorders (e.g. whiplash), jaw and dental disorders, stress, allergies, sinusitus and Meniere's disease.

How many Bowen sessions do I need for Tinnitus?

About three sessions are required initially for tinnitus, with one or two follow-ups about four weeks apart.

At around the same price as a one-hour massage, and with most health funds offering rebates, Bowen Therapy is very affordable.

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A Bowen Therapy procedure for tinnitus

A Bowen procedure that is beneficial for tinnitus.