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Meditation Classes start 30 Jul, 2024:

Meditation Classes start 30 Jul:

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Bowen Therapy has changed my whole life

marilyn broadbridge, cremorne

Right from the first session I have felt better. Bowen has changed my whole life, because it has given me back my body. It has taken away the fear I've had with my back and with moving my body. I'm so much more fluid. I go to sleep and I stay asleep. I don't wake up with back pain like I did every night of my life. I walk so much more easily and I feel so much lighter and I've lost that terrible fear that I had. It has really changed my whole life. It's fantastic and I tell everybody.

It was unlike anything I have done and the single most effective platform of meditation I have come across.

james cvetkovic

It was so much more than meditation and a real journey into one's self which provided so much healing, relief and growth.

I now have a tool (meditation) to help process things I once thought too hard to process. I am able to relax and find peace, I feel recharged and rejuvenated.

The benefits go beyond my experience of getting to sleep or reducing anxiety and stress. It seems meditation is unlimited in what it can offer the whole body, mind and soul.

Joshua has a special gift of delivering meditation and attention to each member of the course.  Thank you so much for this course and the opportunity to see meditation on another level, it's amazing.  

I have not had any episodes of vertigo since my Craniosacral Therapy sessions.

kate gyngell

I have recently had several sessions of Craniosacral Therapy with Joshua to see if he could help me with ongoing vertigo issues relating to my neck that would suddenly flare up with no apparent warning.

I had never had Craniosacral Therapy before and wasn't sure what to expect. It is a very gentle therapy and I have noticed a big improvement in the flexibility of my neck and shoulders. I have not had any episodes of vertigo since my sessions with Joshua and am much more confident and less restricted in my movements. 

Joshua has a lovely calm presence combined with his experience and abilities as a practitioner and the sessions were both healing and relaxing.

About Joshua Rasco - Meditation Teacher, Bowen Therapist and Craniosacral Therapist

About Joshua

Hello, I practise Bowen and Craniosacral Therapy, running a clinic in Roseville and have been practising on the North Shore of Sydney since 2006. I teach meditation classes four evenings a week, have been meditating since 1997 and have been teaching classes for the last ten years.

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